Norway to Spain via a few other countries...

 The following shows the original route and also provides detailed route maps of each day we cycled.



We set off on a tandem cycle tour, which took us from Norway round the Baltic Sea following the coast of Eastern Europe joining the Pilgrimage route in France and finished in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This is approximately 4,500 miles. 



We started the tour in mid July flying into Oslo from London with our trusty tandem packed delicately into a small box.





 The following provide links to detailed route maps showing the route that we cycled around Europe.










DAY ZERO (Thursday 16th July) - Arrival in Oslo

No km's today but we made the bike in a grand spekkie fasion in the middle of Oslo Central Train Station.




DAY ONE (Friday 17th July) - FIRST DAY ON BIKE

No km's today due to a large number of punctures. On inspection the spokes were coming though and piercing the inner tube. After heading back into central Oslo three quarters of the day had been lost, so we decided to spend another night at the campsite.



DAY TWO (Saturday 18th July) - Oslo to wild camp (Skarness)

Distance - 57.44miles (92.44km)

Slow ride out of Oslo but once we got through our navigational deficiencies we found good pace on the open road and in the sunshine. Another puncture for the day but we found a beautiful wild camping spot in a Norwegian wood.




DAY THREE (Sunday 19th July) - Skarness to Torsby (SWEDEN)

Distance - 63.02miles (101.42km)

Very wet day but the roads were good. We didn't have a map for the section after Kongsvinger and all the shops were closed. The last petrol station had a map good enough to take us to Torsby. We were so wet we had to spend a night in a hotel - it resembled a Chinese laundry with drying clothes hanging from every available space.



DAY FOUR (Monday 20th July) - Torsby to wild camp (Hogfors)

Distance - 46.17miles (74.30km) / Top Speed - 55.1km/hr

Broken front panier racks, punctures and a shredded tyre put a serious dent in the number of km's for the day. A great wild camp spot overlooking Swedish pine forest made up for the frustrations of bike breakages.



DAY FIVE (Tuesday 21st July) - Hogfors to Sater

Distance - 85.57miles (137.71km) / Top speed - 58.8km/hr / Ave. Speed - 19.5km/hr

Another wet day but this did not hamper us from racking up the km's. We hit Route 50 about two thirds of the way through the day, not advisable on a bike! We managed to find a forest track that took us from Route 50 through some spectacular scenary to Sater.



DAY SIX (Wednesday 22nd July) - Sater to Arsunda

Distance - 48.78miles (78.51km) / Top speed - 52.3km/hr / Ave. Speed - 19.6km/hr

Another puncture but we're getting quicker at the patch up work! Nice sunny day through more Swedish countryside.



DAY SEVEN (Thursday 23rd July) - Arsunda to Mohed

Distance - 62.59miles (100.73km) / Top speed - 57.9km/hr / Ave. Speed - 24.7km/hr

After an early start to get us to Sanviken and get Bluey Thorn some sweet lovin' from a bike mechanic, we got some very quick km's under our belt. We were so pleased with a new feel bike (bearings replaced both front and back / back gear cable fixed / new break pads) that the heavy rain in the afternoon did not dampen the spirits.



DAY EIGHT (Friday 24th July) - Mohed to Hudiksvall

Distance - 53.72miles (86.46km) / computer wet through!

The rain kept on coming all through the night and the tent was sodden. Didn't ease off for the whole day until we reached Hudiksvall. The front bike rack completely broke, no amount of plastic ties would keep the weight on the front. Franny managed to get some industrial size clamps from a bike shop and with a quick(ish) repair we got bak on the road.




DAY NINE (Saturday 25th July) - DAY OFF




DAY TEN (Sunday 26th July) - Hudiksvall to Sandsvall

Distance - 67.62miles (108.83km) / Top speed - 53.8km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.0km/hr

After a well earned rest it was back on the road, we left Hudiksvall without a map for the next section. The only book shop in town didn't have the required one, so it was "off the edge of the world" in the expectation of finding a petrol station with a map. No such luck, so we had to make a detour to Sandsvall and stay there overnight until the shops opened on the Monday.



DAY ELEVEN (Monday 27th July) - Sandsvall to Sandslan

Distance - 80.41miles (129.41km) / Top speed - 65.1km/hr (DUBIOUS) / Ave. Speed - 21.3km/hr 

After a late start, due to waiting for the shops to open to buy a map for the route, we once again took an age to get out of a city. We got on the 331 going north and made good time with timber lorries hurtling past. We were aiming for a remote campsite off a forest road but managed to miss the sign posts (if there were any). This did mean that we stayed at an old timber factory, easily the most scenic campsite so far!



DAY TWELVE (Tuesday 28th July) - Sandslan to Gottne

Distance - 57.23miles (92.10km) / Top speed - 59.2km/hr / Ave. Speed - 20.7km/hr

Major climb out of the valley after about 15km put the lactic acid back in the legs. There were no stops for provisions until we got to Gottne, where we took full advantage of the local shop. During our pigging out session Dan (local Swedish man) came over and suggested we stayed in a local converted bakery. Very nice little spot and we couldn't refuse a house for the night!



DAY THIRTEEN (Wedensay 29th July) - Gottne to Vannas

Distance - 82.89miles (133.41km) / Top speed - 53.9km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.7km/hr 

Glorious sunshine, an elk, mixture of forest roads and tarmac roads and a downhill slalom into Vannas saw us finnish ahead of a group of French boys that we were racing from outside of Bjorna.



DAY FOURTEEN (Thursday 30th July) - Vannas to wild camp (Astrask)

Distance - 69.22miles (111.41km) / Top speed - 50.6km/hr / Ave. Speed - 23km/hr 

Shredded tyre slowed our departure from Vannas, but once on the road we were quickly making up the miles. We both felt good and rode well into the evening, almost being trampled by a herd of reindeer. We wildcamped right beside the road as we had not seen any cars for at least two hours, then a steady stream of them came passed all night!



DAY FIFETEEN (Friday 31st of July) - Astarask to Langtrask

Distance - 73.29miles (117.95km) / Top speed - 63.4km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.3km/hr 

We started with a long ride with no water from the wild camping spot to an ICA oasis in Kusfors and stocked up on provisions.The day was a long hard slog but we managed to get to the campsite we were aiming for at Langtrask.



DAY SIXTEEN (Saturday 1st of August) - Langtrask to Boden

Distance - 66.57miles (107.13km) / computer broken

A wet night and a cold morning but the day cleared up. The wind was against us for the whole day, that and the forest roads sapped our energy.



DAY SEVENTEEN (Sunday 2nd of August) - Boden to Lapptrask By

Distance - 66.57miles (107.13km) / Top speed - 57.9km/hr / Ave. Speed - 20.9km/hr  

We could sense that we were getting closer to the border, the new map had Finland on it! First part of the route was tarmac and then the second half was forest road, which really does take away the energy quickly. A Rottweiler tested our pace, we only lost him when we out the burners on at 24.7km/hr.



DAY EIGHTEEN (Monday 3rd of August) Lapptrask by to Tornio (FINLAND)

Distance - 34.10miles (54.88km) / computer broke

The final push to Finland and we entered Tornio to fierce immigration control and cheering crowds. Not really, we entered without a skirmish of any international relations.




DAY NINETEEN (Tuesday 4th of August) - DAY OFF




DAY TWENTY (Wednesday 5th of August) - DAY OFF



DAY TWENTY ONE (Thursday 6th of August) - Tornio to Li

Distance - 69.39miles (111.68km) / Top speed - 40.1km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.1km/hr

Trying to avoid the E4 as much as possible which took us from bike track to dirt track and also a rally circuit! In the end we had to beast over 10km's on a the E4 - very fast ten km's through catching the tail wind of the never ending lorry trains.



DAY TWENTY TWO (Friday 7th of August) - Li to Haapavesi

Distance - 113.12miles (182.05km) / Top speed - ???km/hr / Ave. Speed - 23.8km/hr

LONG, LONG DAY OF RIDING!! Went through Oulu on bike tracks, getting lost in the process. Lack of understanding of the scale led to a huge day on the bike. Getting used to different maps also led us down the garden path - the total km's on the clock were closer to 200km's.


DAY TWENTY THREE (Saturday 8th of August) - Haapavesi to Valkeisjarvi

Distance - 72.87miles (117.27km) / Top speed - 53.9km/hr / Ave. Speed - 23.6km/hr

Slow start due to the momentous day previously. Mostly tarmac roads but some long chunks of forest road, at least they were dry and did not sap the energy too much.


DAY TWENTY FOUR (Sunday 9th of August) - Valkeisjarvi to Saarijarvi

Distance - 63.36miles (101.96km) / Top speed - 56.2km/hr / Ave. Speed - 24.0km/hr

Day of Tarmac roads, a bit of relief for the blue beast. No one was out Sunday driving and we had Finland to ourselves all the way to the number one campsite in Finland.


DAY TWENTY FIVE (Monday 10th of August) - Saarijarvi to Korpillati

Distance - 67.71miles (108.96km) / Computer went nuts!

The not so flat Finland, with one great downhill that blew away the cob webs before we got to Jyvaskyla and lost in a city again! Jumped from b-road to dirt track (having to push the bike more than once) before arriving at the commie campsite.


DAY TWENTY SIX (Tuesday 11th of August) - Korpillati to Asikalla

Distance - 82.13miles (132.18km) / Top speed - 65.0km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.2km/hr

Started the day on the E65, no dirt roads for a clean bike! The next section of road was unbelievably hilly with three huge climbs, with every uphill there's a downhill. Each one was over 60km/hr (we had to put the breaks on for the quickest one as there was a tightish bend). The terrain got flatter and flatter as we got closer to Asikalla. The sun came to an end with a huge thunderstorm at the bottom of lake Paijanne.


DAY TWENTY SEVEN (Wednesday 12th of August) - Asikalla to Lahti

The day was spent on road 24 to Lahti with a bike that was slowly deteriorating! We tried to go on but had to go back to Lahti and hopefully get the bike fixed.




DAY TWENTY EIGHT (Thursday 13th of August) - DAY OFF

Picking up parts for the disfunctional bike in Helsinki!



DAY TWENTY NINE (Friday 14th of August) - DAY OFF


First day of sightseeing in Helsinki, bike was getting fixed in Lahti.




DAY THIRTY (Saturday 15th of August) - Lahti to Helsinki

Distance - 69.03miles (111.09km) / Top speed - 47.8km/hr / Ave. Speed - 24.6km/hr

Picked up a fully functional bike from the mechanics and hit the road. Very quick day, the road was good and we were both fresh after a few days off.


DAY THIRTY ONE (Sunday 16th of August) - Helsinki to Tallin


Wet, cold, horrible morning ride to the port from the campsite. What a way to leave Scandinavia.


DAY THIRTY TWO (Monday 17th of August) - Tallin to Linnamae


Distance - 67.22miles (108.19km) / Top speed - 39.8km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.6km/hr


Wet morning and very intrigued locals greeted our start into the Baltic States. At least they have roads. Tallin is definately not a bike friendly city.



DAY THIRTY THREE (Tuesday 18th of August) - Linnamae to Parnu


Distance - 77.05miles (124.00km) /  Ave. Speed - 21.0km/hr


Wet, wet, wet. On tarmac roads for most of the day (some of which were brand new and had probably never seen a bike let alone a tandem). Our first accident into Parnu, cities are not bike friendly and definately not tandem tour bike friendly.


DAY THIRTY FOUR (Wednesday 19th of August) - Parnu to Latvia


Distance - 44.59miles (71.75km) / Top speed - 44.4km/hr / Ave. Speed - 25.9km/hr


Started the ride in the afternoon due to the purchase and fixing of a new front panier rack. The roads were good but very busy. Large tucks and cyclists are a great mix. Just as we were about to wild camp we found a newly opened campsite.


DAY THIRTY FIVE (Thursday 20th of August) - Latvia to Riga


Distance - 73.49miles (118.28km) / Ave. Speed - 24.6km/hr


On the same busy road as the day before and then tried to jump on a quieter road. This was the main transit route for the port and was a smaller road. More trucks and less space made for an interesting ride until we hit the bike track which took as almost to the heart of the city where we had to use our nose to find the Tourist Information and a map.


DAY THIRTY SIX (Friday 21st of August) - Riga to Auce


Distance - 66.81miles (107.52km)


Riga is not bike friendly, leaving the city was extremely hairy. It got worse as we tried to circumnavigate the A8 by secondary roads running alongside it. Crossing a railway line (franny picked the bike up (60 kilos) singlehandedly over two railtracks - I was watching and cheering the trains on). The secondary roads from Jelgeva were the worst we have come across, spending most of the time on the hard shoulder cowering from cars, buses, trucks driving us off the road.




DAY THIRTY SEVEN (Saturday 22nd of August) - Auce to Plunge


Distance - 66.81miles (106.16km) / Top speed - 41.7km/hr / Ave. Speed - 20.9km/hr


Roads a lot less hairy and a few dirt tracks (they were exceedingly sore on the butt). Stayed in a Hotel wiht bowling and Pizza and made full use of the facilities.


DAY THIRTY EIGHT (Sunday 23rd of August) - Plunge to Nida


Distance - 72.17miles (116.15km) / Top speed - 54.5km/hr / Ave. Speed - 20.8km/hr


Sunday morning ride in the mist with hardly a car on the road. A short wait in Klaipeda for the ferry crossing and then on bike paths all the way to Nida through the National Park with our ´tractor´ (as described by some local kids that we barged off the road).


DAY THIRTY NINE (Monday 24th of August) - Nida to Kaliningrad


Distance - 91.41miles (147.12km) / Top speed - 50.3km/hr / Ave. Speed - 23.4km/hr


We entered Russia without a map, money or any idea how two Brits on a tandem would be received. The roads were by far the scariest with Kamikazi motorists seeing us as easy fodder! I would never recommend riding a bike in Russia! The only way we survivied was with Franny covering her eyes and me screaming blue murder at every single car, lorry and bus that almost ran us off the road. After being turned around at a military base and told to go to Kaliningrad we set about the road now dealing with military machina as well!







 DAY FORTY (Tuesday 25th of August) - DAY OFF

Day off hunting for a hotel room!


DAY FORTY ONE (Wednesday 26th of August) - Kaliningrad to Jantar


Distance - 74.47miles (119.85km) / Top speed - 47.0km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.4km/hr


Russia still believes we are in the middle of the Cold War. There was a clear and pleaseant change on entering Poland. The roads were friendlier and wider for a start.  We saw the peninsula we wanted to get on but were turned around by three Russian gaurds. We got a ferry from Poland back onto the Polish side of the peninsula and continued peddaling.



DAY FORTY TWO (Thursday 27th of August) - Jantar to Gdansk


Distance - 27.16miles (43.71km) / Ave. Speed - 16.6km/hr


Roads were great, using ferry and a floating bridge on the route into Gdansk. The bike got some more professional TLC while we tried to use internet cafe - they were not playing ball. We got the bike back and rode to the North of the city using the bike paths and riding along the plaza.



DAY FORTY THREE (Friday 28th of August) - Gdansk to Leba


Distance - 74.30miles (119.58km) / Top speed - 54.6km/hr / Ave. Speed - 23.3km/hr


Tarmac roads all the way to another Polish beach resort.


DAY FORTY FOUR (Saturday 29th of August) - Leba to Dabki


Distance - 71.59miles (115.22km) / Top speed - 45.1km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.0km/hr

Again, tarmac roads all the way to another Polish beach resort. Dabki has got some very dodgy camping grounds.




DAY FORTY FIVE (Sunday 30th of August) - Dabki to Mrzezyno


Distance - 63.43miles (102.08km) / Top speed - 36.2km/hr / Ave. Speed - 20.0km/hr


 Short cuts are not all they are cracked up to be. After meeting a dead end and having to go 30 km´s to Lazy, when we were within touching distance..... Lody (icecream) was required for the rest of the ride with old and new navy / army bases dotted along the route. Concrete roads are not good for saddle sores!





DAY FORTY SIX (Monday 31st of August) - Mrzezyno to Miedzyzdroje


Distance - 42.04miles (67.66km) / Ave. Speed - 17.7km/hr


Again, short cut not quite as planned. This time we rode on the beach for 6km´s - bike, sand and sea is not an ideal mix! We got to Miedzyzdroje and couldn´t go any further ...... no bike track and a motorway ahead. Head scratching and a local map we were armed for the next day.





DAY FORTY SEVEN (Tuesday 1st of September) - Miedzyzdroje to Demmin


Distance - 70.17miles (112.93km) / Top speed - 44.1km/hr / Ave. Speed - 21.2km/hr


After navigating dirt track roads to get us to Swinoujscie we crossed the border to Germany. Bike tracks nearly everywhere, and where we had to go on the road considerate drivers. Not like those days in Russia!




DAY FORTY EIGHT (Wednesday 2nd of September) - Demmin to Bad Doberan


Distance - 58.77miles (94.58km) / Ave. Speed - 18.3km/hr

Not as many bike tracks but a lot of punctures to pierce the sole and slow down the km´s. A stop in Rostock for puncture resistant tyres, which will last all the way to Spain!



DAY FORTY NINE (Thursday 3rd of September) - Bad Doberan to Lubeck


Distance - 69.16miles (111.31km) / Top speed - 56.2km/hr / Ave. Speed - 19.6km/hr


Cold wet day forced me into my leggings hmmmmm.  Tarmac roads all the way to the outskirts of Lubeck crossing the old border between Western and Eastern Europe. Dirt track into Lubeck that covered Franny and I from head to tow in muck.


DAY FIFTY (Friday 4th of September) - DAY OFF




DAY FIFTY ONE (Saturday 5th of September) - Lubeck to Krautsand 



Distance - 71.94miles (115.78km) / Top speed - 38.8km/hr / Ave. Speed - 19.4/hr

Criss-crossing German countryside trying to stay away from the metropolosis that is Hamburg. The wind and rain was against us for the whole day.


DAY FIFTY TWO (Sunday 6th of September) - Krautsand to Sengwarden 



Distance - 82.82miles (133.29km) / Top speed - 35.2km/hr / Ave. Speed - 18.2/hr

Two ferry trips and a number of awrong turns - bike map needed. The area is a lot more bike friendly zith numerous bike tracks.



DAY FIFTY THREE (Monday 7th of September) - Sengwarden to Wiesmoor 



Distance - 28.38miles (45.67km) / Top speed - 35.2km/hr / Ave. Speed - 18.5/hr

First few km's lost trying to find an appropriate route. Armed with a bike map from Schortens led us on great little paths along canals until the back pannier broke and we couldn't go any further.


DAY FIFTY FOUR (Tuesday 8th of September) - Wiesmoor to Totermunterzijl 



Distance - 52.00miles (83.69km) / Top speed - 36.2km/hr / Ave. Speed - 22/hr

New bolt in the pannier rack and we wer back on the bike tracks running along canals and dykes. The Netherlands was distinctly different to Germany - unbelievably flat with straight roads running along the dykes and fields.



DAY FIFTY FIVE (Wednesday 9th of September) - Totermunterzijl to Holwerd



Distance - 65.26miles (105.02km) / Top speed - computer on blink / Ave. Speed - 20.1/hr

At Delfzil we picked up route map for the Netherlands part of the North Sea cycle tour. Using this and loca route maps saw us use bike tracks the majority of the time, meaning that we felt brave enough to take the helmets off.


DAY FIFTY SIX (Thursday 10th of September) - Holwerd to Petten 



Distance - 75.83miles (122.04km) / Top speed - 44.1km/hr / Ave. Speed - 24.5km/hr

Wind behind and sun in the face with a decent route - only if all days are like this!


DAY FIFTY SEVEN (Friday 11th of September) - Petten to Den Haag


Distance - 71.45miles (106.23km) / Top speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - 20.1km/hr

20km dyke, more like a velodrome with the wind behind and then into stunning sand dunes.



DAY FIFTY EIGHT (Saturday 12th of September) - DAY OFF


DAY FIFTY NINE (Sunday 13th of September) - DAY OFF


DAY SIXTY (Monday 14th of September) - Den Haag to Niewvliet Bad

Distance - 95.21miles (114.99km) / Top speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - 22.5km/hr

After a couple of days off the bike was a strange beast but with the North Sea cylce map and loca lroutes the km's were easy to come by.


DAY SIXTY ONE (Tuesday 15th of September) - Niewvliet Bad to Bray Dunes

Distance - 66.01miles (114.99km) / Top speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - 19.9km/hr

 Helmets were back on almost as soon as the border into Belgium was crossed.  There was a cycle route that kept us pretty close to the coast all the way to the border with France.

DAY SIXTY TWO (Wednesday 16th of September) - Bray Dunes to Equihen Plage 

Distance - 66.31miles (106.72km) / Top speed - 60.2km/hr / Ave. Speed - 19.8km/hr

The hills are back with avengence. The coastal route round Calais and Dunkurk was aweful. Hopefully now that we are away from the ports it should be much safer!


DAY SIXTY THREE (Thursday 17th of September) - Equihen Plage to Assingy

Distance - 69.83miles (112.39km) / Top speed - 54.4km/hr / Ave. Speed - 23.3km/hr

Much less windier day than the one before but still more hills. Tried to stay away from major routes and managed to find so,e good cycle paths running alongside some busy roades. Steep climb out of Eu, that sapped the energy and finnished us for the day.


DAY SIXTY FOUR (Friday 18th of September) - Assingy to bourg Achard

Distance - 62.31miles (100.28km) / Top speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - 20.9km/hr

Starting to head South through some amazing little French towns. Crossed the Sien and did our biggest climb to date out of the basin. This hurt!



DAY SIXTY FIVE (Saturday 19th of September) - Bourg Achard to Sees

Distance - 76.94miles (123.82km) / Top speed - 58.7km/hr / Ave. Speed - 20.0km/hr

Tiny roads to start with and we got prety lost. Back on roads with numbers and we cruised along, even on a bike track that used to be a train track. We meandered through a valley, staying away fro, the major climbs.



DAY SIXTY SIX (Sunday 20th of September) - Sees to La Fleche  

Distance - 76.91miles (123.78km) / Top speed - 53.9km/hr / Ave. Speed - 22.4km/hr

More beautiful french villages and hills.


DAY SIXTY SEVEN (Monday 21st of September) - La Fleche to Bressuire
Distance - 73.84miles (118.84km) / Top speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - on blink

Still more hills end endless French countryside.


DAY SIXTY EIGHT (Tuesday 22nd of September) - Bressuire to St Jean-d'Angely
Distance - 71.35miles (114.83km) / Top speed - 69.3km/hr / Ave. Speed - 22.8km/hr

The hills seem to be getting steeper but we were rewarded with a HUGE downhill. The rollercoaster almost got us over 45mph.


DAY SIXTY NINE (Wednesday 23rd of September) - St Jean-d'Angely to Blaye
Distance - 71.88miles (115.68km) / Top speed - 58.8km/hr / Ave. Speed - 22.2km/hr

The hills are definately getting steeper! got to the coast and stayed in a campsite in a citadol.



DAY SEVENTY (Thursday 24th of September) - Blaye to Bordeaux
Distance - 24.02miles (38.66km) / Top speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - on blink

Crossed the estuary for a safer ride into the last stop before the last cycle week.


DAY SEVENTY ONE (Friday 25th of September) - DAY OFF


DAY SEVENTY TWO (Saturday 26th of September) - DAY OFF


DAY SEVENTY THREE (Sunday 27th of September) - Bordeaux to Morcenx Bourg

Distance - 75.97miles (122.27km) / Top Speed - on blink / Ave. 24.0km/h

Bordeux was a relatively easy city to navigate through and the rest of the day was spent riding through flat France.


DAY SEVENTY FOUR (Monday 28th of September) - Morcenx Bourg to St Jean de Port

Distance - 80.03miles (128.8km) / Top Speed - 60.2km/h / Ave. Speed - 20.7km/h

The start of the climb through the Pyranese. 


DAY SEVENTY FIVE (Tuesday 29th of September) - St Jean de port to Pamplona

Distance - 46.60miles (74.99km) / Top Speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - 17.4km/h

Huge climb from 200 metres to just shy of 1200 metres. The downhill was A LOT of fun but unfortunatley no reading.


DAY SEVENTY SIX (Wednesday 30th of September) - Pamplona to Logrono

Distance - 58.50miles (94.14km) / Top Speed - 75.6km/h / Ave Speed 19.3km/h

Followed the road running alonside the motorway. Some steep climbs, with every uphill there's a downhill. Fastest speed on tour recorded 75.6km/h - above 45miles/h!


 DAY SEVENTY SEVEN (Thursday 1st of October)  - Logrono to Burgos

Distance - 75.51miles (121.52km) / Top Speed - on blink / Ave Speed 17.0km/h

Followed the N120 until the trucks got a little too close and then jumped on to the Camino proper. Tandem bike with dirt track and "technical mountain biking" - it was a lot of fun but probably not the best for the bike.


DAY SEVENTY EIGHT (Friday 2nd of October) - Burgos to Calzada de la Cueza
Distance - 62.46miles (100.53km) / Top Speed - 45.8km/h / Ave. Speed - 16.9km/h

On the Camino proper again wherever possible. If the walking track was beside the road we jumped onto the road as it was quicker and safer.


DAY SEVENTY NINE (Saturday 3rd of October) - Calzada de la Cueza to Leon

Distance - 59.77miles (96.18km) / Top Speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - on blink

The death section of the Camino is long and tedious - glad we were on the bike and not walking it.


DAY EIGHTY (Sunday 4th of October) - Leon to Ponferrada

Distance - 64.70miles (104.13) / Top Speed - on blink / Ave Speed - on blink

Long slow climb up to summit and then a quick downhill into Ponferrada.


DAY EIGHTY ONE (Monday 5th of October) - Ponferrada to Sarria

Distance - 58.58miles (94.27km) / Top Speed - on blink / Ave Speed - on blink

Exceedingly steep climb going from approximately 600m's to 1,300m's.


DAY EIGHTY TWO (Tuesday 6th of October) - Sarria to Azura

Distance - 46.80miles (75.32km) / Top Speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - on blink

On the Camino trail where heavy rain the previous washed the path away making it a mountain bike track. It was fun and the bike survived.


DAY EIGHTY THREE (Wednesday 7th of October) Azura to Santiago de Compostela

Distance - 24.06miles (38.72km) / Top Speed - on blink / Ave. Speed - on blink

Camino trail inbto Santiago, bringing this adventure to an end!